Monday 15 August 2011

Dedicated analyser for H2S in crude oil

Applied Analytics (AAI) has released a second revision of the OMA-300 H2S Analyzer Crude Oil Edition. This product is a specialised configuration of the OMA-300 H2S system equipped with a headspace sample conditioning system. This sampling technique is used to monitor an opaque liquid process; when a sample is too dark or dirty to transmit a light signal, the headspace system produces a representative vapor-phase sample that can be easily monitored via ultraviolet-visible absorbance spectroscopy and correlated to the chemical composition of the liquid process.

“Measuring hydrogen sulfide in crude has become one of our hottest applications,”
says Dan Murphy, senior mechanical engineer. “AAI has always offered a highly effective solution for measuring hydrogen sulfide in opaque liquids, but the current demand for crude analysis has given us cause to rethink our offering. The process resulted in modifications to the Crude Oil Edition of the OMA-300 H2S. The refined design puts everything in one enclosure and adds the capability to monitor multiple crude streams at once using multiple headspace columns running in parallel.”

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