Friday 26 August 2011

Upgrades available

No-cost upgrade to Rockwell's RS Tune® and RS Loop Optimizer®

ExperTune  is offering a no-cost upgrade for existing users of Rockwell RSTune® and RS Loop Optimizer®.  The transition is simple because ExperTune is the developer of the RSTune and RSLoop Optimizer software.

ExperTune's PID Loop Optimizer software provides a direct replacement for the Rockwell products, with many feature upgrades included.  Users also have the option to step up to a multi-platform version of PID Loop Optimizer.  This system can connect to over 700 industrial control algorithms, including PLC and DCS systems beyond the Rockwell family.

Users who upgrade can make use of ExperTune's features, including fast loop tuning in either Auto or Manual operation, instrument and valve analysis, process modeling, choice of tuning criteria, simulation of new tuning, and automated reporting.

ExperTune has been supplying controller tuning software to the automation industries, including Rockwell, for over 25 years.  John Gerry, President and Founder of ExperTune, comments "Controller tuning is our core business.  We have continued to develop and evolve these tools, far beyond the original software provided to Rockwell. Those who upgrade will be delighted to see these new capabilities."

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