Tuesday 30 August 2011

UPS range expanded

Rittal is expanding its range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with the PMC 40 and PMC 120 in the extra dimension of 600x200x800 mm. In addition to the already existing rack-mounted version, Rittal also offers a PMC 40 installed in a single UPS rack plus integrated power modules and batteries. A maximum of three UPS modules and four battery packages fit into one enclosure. The output range of the PMC 40 is redundantly scalable from 10 to 40 kW and 60 kW is the maximum output after the upgrade.

The system can be provided with UPS monitoring by way of SNMP monitoring board. Its autonomy times depend on the number and power of the battery modules, and vary between five and 26 minutes. This means that the time until the emergency generating unit starts operation is reliably bridged.

The modular PMC 120 is scalable for outputs ranging from 10 to 120 kW. The most advanced version is intended for six UPS modules of 20 kW each. The use of 10 kW modules is also possible. Separate enclosures are provided to accommodate the batteries. Autonomy times between seven and 28 minutes are possible, depending on the configuration and design.

Available in depths of 800 and 1,000, the two new systems added to the PMC family can both be used in IT environments and in industry, for safeguarding machine controllers or robotic lines, for example. They have a high level of 95% efficiency. As with the entire Rittal PMC family, these new arrivals allow modules to be replaced during running operation (safe swapping) without any switch-over to bypass being required. UPS modules work on the double conversion principle and are classified to VFI-SS-111 (Voltage and Frequency Independent).

Rittal's PMC range includes single-phase UPS systems with a power range of 1 to 12 kVA, and three-phase systems from 10 to 960 kW.

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