Thursday 4 August 2011

Machinery monitoring in nuclear plant

Protection and predictive monitoring to improve availability and ensure safety
Paksi Atomerőmű (PAKS) Nuclear Power Plant has selected Emerson’s CSI 6500 Machinery Health™ Monitor for real-time machinery protection and predictive monitoring of eight turbine-generator machine trains. The PAKS Nuclear Power Plant is the only operating nuclear power station in Hungary, producing approximately 40 per cent of the electrical power generated in the country.

“Emerson’s industry expertise and powerful online machinery monitoring technology made them the ideal choice for this renovation project,” said Ferenc Kiszli, Head of the I&C Department. “With the CSI 6500, we will have improved insight into the condition of each turbine-generator and can effectively plan our maintenance activities while knowing our equipment is protected in the event of a failure.”

The CSI 6500 fully complies with the requirements for API 670 (American Petroleum Institute) protection, the globally-accepted definition of industry best practices for turbomachinery protection. Each of the 32 CSI 6500 monitors supplied will be integrated with the existing distributed control system at the PAKS plant. This allows the operations and maintenance teams to see real-time protection and prediction monitoring indicators so the effect of process adjustments on machinery health can be evaluated.

Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software will give the plant’s maintenance and operations staff a graphical user interface to machinery protection parameters and health information. This easy access to information will enable them to predict equipment issues to better maintain and protect the machinery.

“The PAKS project is yet another example of our machinery health solutions being widely adopted as part of modernisation programmes,”
said Ron Martin, vice president of Emerson's Asset Optimization business. “Many customers are standardising on Emerson as their machinery health partner because of our ability to deliver the required API 670 protection as well as critical predictive diagnostics to ensure plant availability.”

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  1. I didn't knew that Hungary has only one nuclear power station working. I thought they are one of the largest producers of nuclear power in Eastern Europe. But it is facilitating to know that they are securing their machines. I think a lot of people in this area still remember Tschernobyl and are afraid that something like this can happen again.