Thursday 4 August 2011

Aerospace EMC Test Routines

New emission and susceptibility tests to RTCA/DO 160

Teseq has introduced the aerospace DO160 RF emission and susceptibility test applications for use in Compliance 5 EMC test software.

This dedicated application makes setting up and testing fast and simple. Preloaded example hardware configurations, limit lines etc. enable the user to quickly configure their hardware and select the particular test required.

The new update supports both E and F versions of the standard including conducted and radiated emission and susceptibility, ensuring tests can be performed with a minimum of setting up.

TESEQ Compliance 5 RF Emissions and Immunity test software is the definitive software environment for RF EMC testing, providing a sophisticated, fully featured RF EMC software package capable of performing all types of EMC emissions and immunity testing in standard and specialised applications.

It is available in two versions, Compliance 5 RF Emissions and Compliance 5 RF Immunity, which can be used together or independently. Compliance 5 provides a single, integrated test platform for every RF EMC test requirement. Compliance 5 is multi-user with administrator control making it suitable for commercial test laboratories and manufacturers. Compliance 5 allows the user to configure tests while giving the administrator overall control of important files such as transducer factor files, calibration data and results.

Industry specific application test packages ensure that set-up time is minimised while providing fully compliant, fast, efficient and repeatable testing. Optional packages are available for Military, Automotive and Reverberation Chamber testing. Reporting is made easy using the Teseq® ‘Global Report’ function which automatically places selected information from the test into a pre-existing template document.

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