Tuesday 23 August 2011

Outdoor housing

All too often it is believed that 19” equipment is only suitable for the indoor environment and that for an outdoor application a special enclosure, to create the perfect environment, requires development at huge cost. Rittal’s standard range of outdoor enclosures, based on the TS 8, have a whole range of accessories available, including a full range of 19” components suitable for outside use.

Customers can select from a large range of 19” angles, in varying U heights, which can be fitted at the front, rear, or both, to a range of static or adjustable shelves, to swing frames and a host of cable management that will meet most requirements.

Coupled with a range of specifically designed outdoor heating and cooling options from 10W to 800W heaters, simple fans and filters or heat exchangers and air-conditioning units, Rittal can create the correct environment for the installed equipment wherever it is finally located.

All this can be installed within a high security outdoor enclosure manufactured from a range of alternative materials, with global approvals and high IP ratings.

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