Thursday 18 August 2011

Electron microscopist to win iPad

There will be plenty of activity at Hitachi’s Stand at EMAG (6-8 Sept 2011 Birminghan GB), where the new-concept HT7700 digital TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) will be exhibited for the first time in Britain. There will also be a chance for a conference delegate to win an iPad2. The open-access hands-on micrograph competition will provide a perfect opportunity to ‘test drive’ the HT7700’s fully-digital TEM for yourself.  Or you can see how quick and easy it is to take advanced imaging and chemical mapping data on the TM3000 tabletop SEM. In either case we want you to take a break from the conference and get “hands-on” at Hitachi for your chance to win an iPad2.

The HT7700 follows the company's core aim of making ever more advanced microscopy techniques easier and quicker to use – enabling you to concentrate on the science of your materials. The HT7700 is a research grade 120kV TEM which features fully integrated CCD cameras to complement the fully-digital imaging system – making TEM more ergonomic, faster and more powerful. It is ideally suited to imaging and analysis of light element materials and features Hitachi’s patented dual focal-length objective lens – ensuring you get the best contrast and resolution all in one instrument.

Hitachi’s Tabletop microscope technology has established itself in a host of applications and industries worldwide by simplifying electron microscopy and making it accessible to all. But that simplification hasn’t come at the expense of advanced capabilities like variable pressure operation or EDX mapping which is now faster than ever.

Hitachi will also be previewing the latest advances in sample preparation with the new ZoneCleaner - a novel instrument for gentle cleaning of even the most sensitive SEM and TEM specimens. Using a UV/Ozone cleaning process to remove surface hydrocarbons from samples in a controllable fashion higher contrast and resolution can be achieved, along with improved analytical data.

Applications specialists from Europe and Japan will also be sharing the latest research data from Hitachi’s HD2700 Cs-corrected STEM (including atomic resolution secondary electron imaging) and SU9000 In-lens SEM/STEM during the lunchtime theatre sessions.

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