Monday 15 August 2011

Active signal conditioner

Available through P J Boner & Co
The SEM1600T from Status Instruments accepts resistance or mV signals from RTD, Slidewire or Thermocouple sensors. The flexible design can accommodate Pt100, 500, 1000, Ni or Cu sensors, slide wire sensors up to 100 K Ohm and 13 different thermocouple types. Other sensor characteristics or your own 22 point linearisation characteristic (for slidewire, linear resistance or mV) can be downloaded into the product enabling you to adapt it exactly to your application.

The output stage offers either voltage, bipolar voltage or current re-transmission signals. The retransmission signal can be ranged to a scale anywhere within the input process range. A transmitter power supply is provided on the output meaning the product can accept sink or source mA applications. The voltage output will drive 2 mA into 5 KOhm @ 10 V.

For ease of use, a high efficiency switch mode power supply is fitted as standard and does not require any adjustment between ac or dc applications. Operating voltages are (10 to 48) V dc and (10 to 32) V ac.

The unit will be available from early September.

This and all Status Instruments are available in Ireland through P J Boner & Co.

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