Thursday 18 August 2011

Data loggers' firmware upgrade now available

MadgeTech has released a firmware upgrade for the TC101A and ETR101A data loggers. This upgrade enhances the devices to address the needs brought to MadgeTech by customers.

The firmware upgrade provides:
• Trigger setting capability: Program the data logger to only record temperature above a certain degree. No more analyzing unnecessary data!
• An LED alarm: Program the data logger to activate an LED alarm after it has recorded data for a user specified period of time!

These features are now included in all new ETR101A and TC101A data loggers shipping today. The firmware upgrade is FREE, and easy to install from a PC. Simply log onto their website , and select Firmware Upgrades from the Downloads menu. Click on the ETR101A Firmware Upgrade, and download the .zip file. Follow the instructions provided in the Installation Tech Note to upgrade each device.

The new firmware revision requires MadgeTech Software 2.05 or higher. The software can be downloaded FREE from the MadgeTech website.

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