Friday 13 August 2010

Versatile Coriolis flowmeter with advanced functionality

As Rota Yokogawa - the European flow centre for Yokogawa - celebrates its 100th anniversary, one of the company's flagship products, the ROTAMASS Coriolis mass flowmeter, enters its third generation. Now well-established in many industries, the functionality of the ROTAMASS Coriolis mass flowmeter continues to evolve to meet users' expectations.

The ROTAMASS now has a density accuracy of up to ±0.0005 g/cm3, which is achieved and substantiated by a density calibration with three different liquids and at different temperatures. This means that reliable and accurate density measurement can now be carried out with a Coriolis meter over a wide operating temperature range.

One of the indirect benefits of accurate density measurement is more accurate concentration measurement of mixtures and solutions, such as oil and water mixes or sugar solutions. The corresponding concentration values are displayed, as a percentage or in °API, °Brix or °Baume units, and can be integrated into the process control system via analogue or digital signals.

Traditionally the mass flow output from Coriolis meters responds in a highly sensitive manner to gas bubbles in liquids. The ROTAMASS, on the other hand, has a special sensor design which can tolerate a relatively high proportion of gas in the medium. Diagnostic functions also enable the detection of gas bubbles contained in the liquid, so that an appropriate response can be initiated, guaranteeing functionality even at high gas concentrations.

Many applications involving highly viscous media (for example asphalt) require high process temperatures in order to lower the viscosity of the medium for pumping purposes. To avoid cooling of the medium, the mass flowmeter requires special insulation and heating. This is a particular strength of the ROTAMASS flowmeter, which can handle applications involving temperatures of up to 350°C.

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