Wednesday 4 August 2010

Out of the box improvements

Out-of-the-box solution can demonstrate process improvements in as little as 30 days

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of its latest Proficy® Accelerator solution, Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics. The solution layers on top of existing systems, helping to identify process inefficiencies using historical data to create real-time models driving process improvements. Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics is a completely scalable solution that allows customers to quickly see the value hidden in their data to improve their processes and reduce cost.

“In today’s world, companies are looking for ways to cut costs as they navigate through a brutal worldwide recession,” said John Leppiaho, Operations Management Infrastructure Solutions Leader, GE Intelligent Platforms. “Unfortunately, organizations are swimming in a sea of data created by the complexity of many operations, often across facilities. They can make improvements based on the most readily apparent relationships between data - but lack the ability to mine complex correlations and find the hidden opportunities for significant improvements."

The mining of the complexity of the data enables companies to realize significant benefits to their operation including: increased throughput, improved quality, decreased resource usage, increased efficiency and maximized uptime – all translating to bottom line benefits.”

Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics combines Proficy’s full-featured analytics software, and a rapid engagement model that allows companies to quickly understand the sources of variability in a process in order to improve the process. This translates into higher throughput, reduced costs and improved quality for customer applications leading to increased profitability. Key Capabilities include:

· Quickly and easily model the current process based on historical data adding significant value to past data.

· Ability to determine and display the process inputs that have the greatest impact on key KPIs in real time to allow immediate process improvement.

· What If analysis tool allows users to make changes to inputs to determine what changes impact the KPIs

· Real Time Cause Detection to show personnel the largest impacts on the process.

· Increase understanding of process uncovering information captured from historical data not easily detected from charts or displays.

· Configuration Wizard for easy set up of process.

Proficy Accelerator Solutions leverage proven products and best practices to rapidly demonstrate the value of GE’s Proficy software. These solutions combine the right blend of software and services components for a specific industry application or process. These offerings serve to rapidly prove the value of the solution with faster results than traditional projects for quicker ROI. Other Proficy Accelerator Solutions include:

· Accelerator for Weighing Operations

· Accelerator for Centerlining

· Accelerator for Production Efficiency

· Accelerator for Change Management

· Accelerator for Manufacturing Energy Management Solution

· Accelerator for Packaging Performance Solution

Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics is the latest example of how GE’s $4 billion-a-year (ca €3.1) software and solutions services businesses are helping customers improve productivity.

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