Saturday 21 August 2010

Outdoor application housing

Rittal’s “System” concept provides a total solution for the housing of sophisticated electronic equipment down to humble connections. The specifically designed range of enclosures is not limited to electrical or electronics use and can provide a waterproof and weatherproof environment for other technologies.

As part of the company’s overall “system” programme, all of the outdoor enclosures include punched sections, for the attachment of a wide variety of standard mounting parts used in the market leading TS 8 cabinet and 19” Racking systems. This allows the accommodation of equipment to IEC 60297 for 19” practice, or for DIN Rail, studs and other methods including mounting plates, which can then be factory pre-assembled for on-site installation.

The global supply of standardised outdoor cabinets ensures that if serious damage occurs in remote locations abroad, there is a local Rittal office and support network, with the knowledge and experience of the widest possible climatic and application requirements, which can rapidly supply replacement parts including doors, panels, hinges and cooling units.

Rittal’s outdoor range includes wall/post mounting and free-standing enclosures in single and double skin, rain canopies, which also provide protection from solar gain and even pre-cast sectional concrete bases to reduce the need for wet concrete on site.

A guide is available to assist in initial product selection depending on the application.

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