Wednesday 11 August 2010

Push-back test probe with integrated switch function

The new P222 from Peak Test Services is a push-back test probe featuring an integrated switch function and designed for tests on devices with 3 mm centres.

Push-back tests are generally used for testing safety-relevant wire harnesses and connectors, and involve checking the correct positioning of the contact pins and the electrical function of the contact elements in the connector. If the mechanical seat of the contact element in the connector is correct, the probe is pushed back and is used to trigger a switch function. If it is not correct, it is pushed out of its reference position.

The switch function required in a push-back test can be realised in different ways, including special receptacles or two-level probes, but integrating the switch into the probe offers the most economical approach.

The P222 probe also meets the requirement that push-back tests need robust spring-contact probes with very high spring forces. To ensure simple and secure fixing in the test module, the P222 has a groove which allows it to be fixed either with glue of with a washer. In addition, a knurl ensures a firm seat in the drill-hole. A twist-proof test can be realised by adding a guide plate to the test module.

For maintenance reasons, plunger and spring can be ordered separately and can be exchanged in the module without dismantling, offering further reduction in users' operating costs.

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