Thursday 5 August 2010

Phased array NDT

As a result of Sonatest’s drive to bring desirable and innovative products to the NDT market, a new Phased Array instrument is now launched, the veo 16:64. The veo is a fully capable Phased Array instrument with multi-technique functionality, including TOFD; fast data recording, a simple to use interface and rugged housing design renders the veo a performance leader from the beginning. Combine this with their commitment to customer support and product service; the user experience may be described as a winning one. Typical applications include Pipeline Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.

Key design elements considered in the development of the veo series are user and performance focussed which include simple controls and a workflow driven Menu structure. The 3D Scanplan feature displays a full 3D view of the user’s test set up including probes, wedges, the weld and geometry, with phased array beams. There are also on-board probe and wedge databases for fast setups.

Power & Performance perfectly packaged.
This 16:64 Phased Array instrument has TCG and ACG, a superior encoding speed with fast A-scan recording and excellent reporting functionality. There are two separate conventional channels providing simultaneous Phased Array and TOFD scanning to speed inspection and ensure correct data referencing for improved defect characterisation. Real Time Focal Law calculations allow the user to change scanning parameters instantly, reducing the time spent on setup and defect investigation.

The veo enclosure has been designed to withstand the tough environments in which NDT inspections are carried out, achieving IP67 standard for water and dust ingress and employing internal shock mounts to withstand impacts. The market sectors largest sunlight readable screen, enables the technician to see and interpret results with ease and efficiency, especially when complex inspections need multiple probe configurations. The veo batteries give up to 6 hours use, and are hot swappable for continuous use.

Wayne Woodhead, Managing Director of Sonatest Ltd “Phased Array is an exciting technology that is becoming regarded as the future of Non Destructive Testing for critical inspections and productivity improvement. The new veo brings Sonatest’s design values of Simplicity, Capability and Reliability into this rapidly expanding market, giving users an effective, efficient tool to meet their demanding needs. The veo builds on Sonatest’s success in the ultrasonic flaw detector market, with a global sales network supporting our customers throughout the world. Launched at the European Conference for NDT (ECNDT) in Moscow June 2010, initial reaction has been very positive and we are looking forward to a very successful future.”

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