Friday 27 August 2010

Sensors now support 0 to 10Vdc analog voltage output

Output options extended on rugged single/dual output rotary position sensors for factory automation applications

Penny + Giles has expanded the output options of the company’s rugged SRH501P and SRH502P contactless rotary position sensors. The newly announced analog voltage output options make these sensors ideal for use in Factory Automated systems and Process Control machinery.

P&G contactless rotary position sensorsWith their newly offered support for 0 to 10Vdc analog voltage output, a signal commonly used by machine controllers and recording instruments, the rugged Hall effect-based SRH501P and SRH502P sensors significantly expand their application range.

Both the single output SRH501P and the dual output SRH502P feature a programmable sensor. Designed for use in extreme environments, these sensors are based on contactless Hall effect technology, which enable them to operate in high dither vibration conditions with no deterioration of the sensing element. Their resistance to shock and vibration makes these sensors ideal for many position monitoring applications in a wide range of machine applications in factory automated systems and process control machinery.

With the 0-10Vdc output option, the sensors can operate from a 13.5-30Vdc unregulated power supply. They are available factory-programmed with any one of 341 different angles from 20 degrees up to 360 degrees, in one degree increments. The SRH501P and SRH502P provide 12 bit resolution (0.025%) over the selected measuring range.

OEMs can also specify the measurement range and output in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The dual output SRH502P can be set up to have independent measurement ranges for each output channel.

These sensors are easy to install and feature very low maximum output signal noise rated at
1 mV rms so they require no additional signal filtering on the output signal. Both sensors are mechanically interchangeable with the Penny + Giles SRS880 and SRH880 rotary sensors, enabling existing users to quickly and simply upgrade to higher sophistication and a greater level of control.

The sensors are offered available in a marine-grade cast aluminum housing with 87.5mm diameter flange and 12mm diameter shaft. An optional lever arm kit is also available and can be attached to the sensor’s operating shaft.

This new expanded output versions of the SRH501P and SRH502P are supplied with a screened multi-core connecting cable (option S), available in lengths of 1, 5 or 10 metres. They are sealed to IP69K for increased protection in harsh environments and to prevent the ingress of dust, water and pressure jets. The sensors are designed with a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +115°C – more than adequate for the majority of factory automation applications

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