Friday 6 August 2010

New venture to improve CNC manufacturing productivity

Combining a shared vision and drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge, sefaré controls co-founders and managing partners Bob Tain and Gayle Vollmer have launched a new venture in PC control and networking technology to significantly impact CNC manufacturing productivity and the customer’s bottom line.

With nearly 40 years of industrial controls conception, design, and implementation experience, Bob Tain has been instrumental in driving productivity enhancing architectures into real world environments. Combining networking technology with off-the-shelf hardware and software, sefaré controls provides a robust industrial PC that can be added to virtually any machine tool regardless of CNC manufacturer, including earlier generation machines.

“sefaré finally achieves the vision of a true fluid platform that grows with PC and network technology to improve productivity with a meaningful return on investment for any size anufacturing business,” said Tain. “We are reaching forward into the undiscovered country, building a bridge between computer technology and the machine floor.”

Sharing in the vision, Gayle Vollmer has been working with CNC machines and controls since 1975 and is widely recognized as a leader in the development and implementation of demanding applications for CNC machine tools. Vollmer’s experience has given him a unique insight into the limitations and strengths of the modern machine tool.

“We want to use the software and technology that is available to make the controls of the machine more user-friendly and to get rid of the useless and redundant features of most CNC controls,” said Vollmer. “Using a powerful, self-contained, extendable PC, integrated with the machines current controls, customers can now bridge next generation technology with CNC machine tools of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

The name sefaré is pronounced like “safari” and is an acronym for smart extensible fluid adaptable retrofitable engine.

Using a powerful, self-contained, extensible PC, integrated with the machines current controls, customers can now bridge next generation technology with virtually any CNC machine tool of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

sefaré controls can build any size PC with customized hardware and software solutions to maintain any budget. Running Microsoft Windows 7 Pro or XP Pro, the all-in-one base PC includes a 15-inch LCD touch screen and integrated wireless.

Available on the base machine is production enhancing software including adaptive controls, conversational programming, and 3D simulation with crash detection. Standard input/output devices are RS232, USB 2.0, and Ethernet. Also available are software data collection packages that provide gauging information, SPC, and auto-tool off-set function, automated part inspection and statistics with automated tool offsets.

The company is exhibiting at IMTS 2010 - 13-18 September 2010

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