Thursday 19 August 2010

Metals analysis

New integrated OES and X-ray solution for rapid and accurate metals Analysis
Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched an integrated solution for the metals industry combining the power of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) with optical emission spectrometry (OES). The solution optimizes the their ARL OPTIM'X WDXRF slag analyzer in combination with the 3460 Advantage OES metals analyzer. This unique pairing for foundries and metal processing companies offers effective analyses of metallurgic slags and alloys by WDXRF, and quick and accurate investigation of solid metals by OES. With this new Thermo Scientific product offering primary and secondary metals producers are able to utilize two techniques at once and undertake total quality analyses with ease.

Thermo Scientific products offer the most comprehensive systems for the complete analysis of metals and non-metals in iron and steel production. OES provides rapid analysis of carbon and low nitrogen along with all other alloying elements in irons and steel while XRF offers most reliable and repeatable analysis of metallurgical slags, raw materials, including iron ores and sinters and cast irons. In addition, XRF assures high repeatability which makes the technique effective for the control of major elements and expensive alloying elements.

The ARL OPTIM'X spectrometer is a compact, cost effective and reliable XRF solution for all non-metallic samples as well as major and minor elements in metals. As well as providing lowest cost of ownership for a WDXRF instrument with practically no peripheral support (neither internal nor external water cooling, nor compressed air), the ARL OPTIM'X slag analyzer allows quick sample preparation and fast analysis. In addition to common oxides such as CaO, SiO2, MgO, Na2O, Al2O3, S, K2O, Fe2O3, the instrument is capable of analyzing fluorine in slags wherever needed. Slags can be analyzed both as directly cast slags and as pressed pellets after grinding and pelletization. Fusion beads can also be used for ultimate accuracy and control.

The ARL 3460 Advantage spectrometer is one of the most established OES instruments in the metals industry. Based on decades of experience and continuous improvements, this instrument provides an ideal solution for foundries and metal producers. Offering increased reliability and stability, the ARL 3460 Advantage ensures trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance costs over the entire lifetime of the instrument. With optical configuration optimized to cover most of the analytical requirements in a foundry, users benefit from the highest quality technology to ensure improved metals analysis in terms of quality and productivity in addition to low operational costs.

The ARL OPTIM'X and ARL 3460 Advantage are delivered with factory calibrations for immediate operation and use. Both instruments are driven by Thermo Scientific Windows 7-based OXSAS analytical software helping the user quickly learn and operate the two instruments. Comprehensive training can be provided on both instruments after installation eliminating the need for two separate interventions. They can also be fully automated with ARL SMS solutions for on-line unattended analysis when fast 24/7 throughput is required.

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