Friday 13 August 2010

Next generation level

Endress+Hauser, has over 15 years of experience with radar based time of flight measuring principles. More than 1 Million installed measuring points are the basis of the in-depth knowledge of their research and application engineers. After the successful introduction of the Levelflex in 1998 they have continuously improved their portfolio in cooperation with customers and end-users.

The introduction of the new Levelflex series marks the next level of instrumentation, supporting their customers in their efforts to increase plant and process efficiency. The product line has been developed and designed in accordance to the latest safety and industry standards. This family fits perfectly and seamless into their customers' processes in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power and Energy, and the other industry.

The Levelflex FMP55 Multiparameter is the first instrument in the world with SensorFusion. It combines the guided wave radar technology with the capacitance measurement principle to measure interface with the highest reliability. The term "SensorFusion" is used when the combination of two different principles achieves significantly better results than each of the principles individually - and that's exactly what is offered to customers with the Levelflex FMP55 for interface measurement. Innovative, redundant approaches to interface measurement based on SensorFusion offers precise and most reliable field instrumentation solutions, never reached so far.

The Levelflex family comprises eight products – from the standard product for basic applications through to high-performance versions for sophisticated use in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, complex interface measurement or applications in gases and steams. The Levelflex FMP5x series guarantees the safe and efficient control of the level and inventory in your application.

A new and modern product design, combined with a selection of housing materials, allows a convenient commissioning and operation of the instruments. Also, the inner values and features of the product line establish new benchmarks for level instrumentation: dynamic, continuously adapting evaluation algorithms to guarantee precise measurement results - if desired confirmed and documented with a 5-point linearity protocol based on measurements performed on their certified measurement rig.

Intuitive and user-friendly menu guidance, a unique data management system via the integrated HistoROM and a comprehensive concept for device and process diagnostics complete the profile. A ready, application oriented product portfolio guarantees the best fit and correct selection of level equipment. Advanced diagnostics to reduce maintenance costs and to minimize the risk of unplanned shutdowns are only part of the feature set offering a new level of value proposition for the entire life cycle of the product.
A spokesman sums it up: "...the new Levelflex FMP5x series is the Next Level Instrumentation."

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