Monday 23 August 2010

In the pink!

Marl has taken the unusual step of adding a pink version to its 676 series of standard indicator LEDs. These rugged IP67 sealed LEDs are extremely popular for panels and status indication applications due to their wide viewing angle.

With the addition of a pink version, the range of colours offered by Marl in the 676 series is increased to six: red, yellow, green, blue and cool white. The pink LED offers designers more opportunity to customise the appearance of their system, and to assign different colours to different types of status and warning indication.

The pink LED is identical to the standard 676 series, except that it is fitted with a clear rather than a smoked lens to allow the colour to be seen clearly. Offered in both 12V and 24-28V versions, 676 series LEDs feature an internal reverse protection diode to reduce the risk of damage in the event of incorrect connection. Specifically designed for demanding environments, the LEDs are internally potted to help withstand high vibration, and sealed to IP67 to protect against dust and liquid. The housing is black anodised aluminium and the domed lens helps ensure a wide viewing angle.

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