Thursday 1 June 2017

Servo drives for DC-powered applications.

The Applied Motion Products (AMP) SV2Dx series servo drives are available from Mclennan in a comprehensive choice of control modes to suit use across a wide range of demanding motion control applications. With power output from 60 to 550 Watts and up to 4.5 Nm torque output when used with AMP’s matching J-series motors, these competitively priced servo drives combine performance and functionality for single- or multi-axis use and are ideal for OEM automation tasks.

The SV2Dx series is offered with a 10 A continuous/20 A peak output current power rating. Six control mode options include a drive-only configuration for step+direction or analogue torque/velocity positioning. Other options include integrated intelligence with AMPs Q programming; command streaming from a separate motion controller; encoder position following; as well as support for Modbus RTU or TCP, CANopen and EtherNet IP networks.

A generous complement of multi-function programmable I/O with high-speed inputs for position registration as well as 12-bit analogue inputs is included across the SV2Dx range. Tightly controlled move sequencing and decentralised applications are made possible with AMP’s well proven Q programming which offers straightforward motion and machine control with high-speed position latching, conditional processing, maths functions and more. For all non-Ethernet control mode options, a mini USB programming port is used for programming, set-up and motor tuning from a PC via AMP’s SVX Servo Suite software. The USB port may also be used or for 1:1 communication with a host. The Ethernet control mode option includes twin ports for these functions as well as for daisy chaining drives together in line or ring networks.

The SV2Dx drive stage is an evolution from a long line of AMP servo drive technology and, based upon the popular direct-on-line AC powered SV200 series, it features a programmable notch filter and an anti-vibration algorithm to ensure smooth motion and accurate positioning. The compact panel mount drive also boasts improved EMC resilience over legacy drives. Further examples of the drives broad functionality for OEM and multi-axis applications includes auto-tuning for quick and reliable commissioning. Power input is 20 to 60 VDC with an optional 10 – 60 VDC input for separate drive and control stages - to maintain status and programming information if the motor power needs to be removed. A built-in regen resistor is included with provision for an external resistor as well as dynamic brake control. For safety-rated applications a dedicated Safe Torque Off (STO) circuit is included and fault protection extends to over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current (short circuit).

For optimal performance, SV2Dx series drives are designed for use with AMP’s J series servo motors. Available in industry-standard 40, 60 and 80 mm frame mountings, the motors include 2500 line incremental encoders and hall feedback as well as integral holding brakes for vertical applications and where added safety is paramount. Accessories for straightforward installation and commissioning include matched motor power and feedback cables.

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