Thursday 29 June 2017

Indicators, Controllers and Monitoring Systems for safe & hazardous areas.

The F-series product range from Fluidwell offers you an extensive selection of Indicators, Controllers and Monitoring Systems for liquid and gas flow applications, as well as for Level, Pressure and Temperature Measurement in safe and hazardous areas. The F-Series are available with intrinsically safe approvals according ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSAC-US for gas and dust applications.

Robust enclosures 
The most visible feature of the Fluidwell F-Series is the one of a kind enclosure. These robust enclosures are available in “Glass fiber Reinforced Polyamide” or durable “aluminum”.
The reinforced glass fiber enhances the strength and the elasticy of the polyamide tremendously, making this enclosure a sturdy, light-weight and budget friendly enclosure.  Even more rugged is the durable aluminum enclosure with various entry threads. In fact, the F-Series is so rugged, even a truck can stand on it!

The 3 extremely rugged push buttons, won’t wear out on harsh treatment or environmental conditions.  The F-Series withstands extreme weather conditions as rain, snow, sun, salty atmospheres or temperatures as low as -40°C or as high as 80°C, which is -40°F to 178°F.

Easy to install 
The F-Series is suitable for any field mount application, it can be panel mounted, wall mounted, pipe mounted or mounted directly on your sensors or other equipment. In fact, mounting, installing and programming your F-series is so unparalleled easy and user-friendly, it can be done by your own crew. Saving yourself all the cost and troubles of arranging expensive specialists.

Bright and clear display 
Most F-Series have an advanced dual line display with a seven, 17mm/0.7” numeric main digits and an eleven, 8mm/0.3”,  digit lower display which ensures simultaneous flow rate and total indication. The basic displays have 5 large 26mm/1.0″ high digits and a pie-graph.  The F-Series shows all key information at a glance: process variables, displayed function, measurement units, trend indication arrows, clear alarm messages and status indicators.  The bright backlight ensures good readings in all lighting conditions.  An alarm condition is indicated by a “clear red flashing backlight” which can be seen from great distance, ensuring a quick follow up when necessary.

Easy to operate
The intuitive and user-friendly menu structure, saves significant time and cost in installation and programming. Use the “Prog-Enter” button and the “arrow”-buttons to enter the configuration menu and to change and store the settings.  “Fluidwell users all around the world” appreciate the clearly indicated, alphanumerical descriptions. Those familiar with a Fluidwell product, can therefore also program and install all F-Series “without a manual” or “hiring technical experts”: “Know one, know them all!”

One indicator for any sensor 
For flow measurement, the F-Series accepts most signals from almost any flowmeter.  The various pulse input signals are easy configurable in the setup menu like Coil, Namur, PNP, reed-switch, NPN or active input signals. A “noise reducing low-pass filter” or “linearization of the flow curve” are available for more accurate flow measurement.  For applications with analog 4 – 20mA inputs, like “differential pressure flow transmitters”, the analog input is adjustable from “linear” to “square root” calculation.  This results in optimal compatibility with almost any flowmeter for volumetric and mass flow applications.

Analog 4 - 20mA inputs are available for level, pressure and temperature measurement. A PT100 Resistance thermometer input is also supported.  Linearization of the input signal is available for level applications to compensate the tank shape. This optimal sensor compatibility turns the F-Series into a powerful instrument for every flow, pressure, temperature or level measurement application.

Versatile and multi-applicable
The outputs and options within the F-Series are impressive.
• Power options include: 110 to 230V, 8 to 24V DC, “analog ‘input or output’ Loop powered” for easy installation and “Long-life Lithium battery” for wire-free displays or off-grid locations.
• Output options include: “passive, active or isolated analog outputs”, “multiple digital outputs” or “isolated relay outputs”.
• The more advanced models, are optional available with Modbus or HART communication.
Even that doesn’t include all the features for specific targeted applications such as “Overrun Correction” for Batch Controllers, “Fuel Consumption Calculation” with Flow Computers or “Temperature and Pressure Compensation” for accurate flow measurements… and many more.

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