Tuesday 6 June 2017

MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers.

Silicon Designs, Inc. has introduced six new series of low-cost, high-performance MEMS capacitive accelerometers, in both traditional and smaller footprints.

These include the single axis Model 2220 or triaxial Model 2470, featuring aluminum housings and a standard 1 meter integral cable; the single axis Model 2240 or triaxial Model 2480, featuring hermetically sealed titanium housings and an integral connector; and the single axis Model 2276 or triaxial Model 2476, featuring aluminum housings and an integral connector. Each model is offered in full-scale standard ranges from ±2 g to ±400 g, along with choice of ±4V differential or 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output. Their expanded temperature performance to +125°C, as well as improved scale factor and bias temperature shifts, allows them to provide excellent long-term stability with an industry-best-in-class price-for-performance ratio. The accelerometers are also relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients.

Depending upon selected model, units feature a simple four-wire (single axis) or eight-wire (triaxial) connection; flexible response to either DC or AC acceleration (0-2000 Hz); low-impedance outputs, supporting up to 2000 feet of cable; and flexible operation from +8 to +32 VDC power. Each device is marked on its top and bottom surfaces with a serial number for traceability. A calibration test sheet is supplied with each unit, showing measured bias, scale factor, linearity, operating current, and frequency response. A simple test sequence, using the earth’s gravity, may be used to verify operation and calibration. 

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