Friday 16 June 2017

Standardising quality at food safety company.

Neogen Corporation Ltd, the international food safety company, is to upgrade its quality system from Ideagen as it looks to standardise quality management across its operations in Great Britain.

The US-based company, which has its British division headquartered in Scotland, will enhance its Q-Pulse system by upgrading to Q-Pulse Enterprise across two newly acquired sites. The company recently acquired both Lab M Holdings, a dehydrated culture media manufacturer, and QuatChem Ltd, an agricultural disinfectant manufacturer, in the last two years. Both businesses were managing quality through manual, paper-based systems.

Now Neogen is looking to harmonise quality management across its operations in the territory and will implement Q-Pulse within both sites to achieve standardisation.

Andrew Holmes, who is responsible for Quality Management across Neogen’s European Operations, said: “We began using Q-Pulse for our accredited testing lab a few years ago but since then – specifically in the last three years – the use of the system has spread across the rest of the business in the UK.

“Now with both Lab M and QuatChem on board, we are looking to centralise and harmonise the quality system through Q-Pulse.

“In our main location in Ayr in Scotland, we are witnessing great adoption of the system with staff raising customer feedback and regularly accessing documentation. We have since extended Q-Pulse to our Materials and Purchasing department and now use it for supplier complaints and monitoring as well.”

Andrew continued: “We will take that model and implement into both the Lab M and QuatChem businesses and control quality from one system.”

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, Neogen is an international food safety company that provides test kits and relevant products to detect dangerous substances in food. It is a global organisation with locations across America and Canada and wholly owned subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, China and the UK. Currently the company employs over 1400 people worldwide including 250 in the United Kingdom.

The company is historic users of Ideagen’s Q-Pulse software, having implemented the product in 2009; the company adopting the system via an acquisition for ISO 17025 compliance. Since then, the software has expanded within the company – with Neogen extending into its US operations via its Geneseek business. The Geneseek operation is an agri-genomic testing lab with operations in Lincoln, Nebraska and Ayr, Scotland and tests over 2.6 million samples each year.

Andrew added: “Q-Pulse will be a mainstay in the future growth plans of the company. If any future acquisition doesn’t have Q-Pulse initially installed then we would be looking to implement the system further across the Group.”

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