Tuesday 20 June 2017

Torque transducer.

The T22 torque transducer, from HBM,  is now available with three new nominal (rated) torques of 0.5 Nm, 1 Nm and 2Nm, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Available up to now for nominal (rated) torque values of up to 1 kNm, this latest upgrade, which makes the T22 suitable for nominal (rated) torque values from 0.5 Nm to 1 kNm, opens the door to a variety of new applications. Suitable for applications in the laboratory and in end-of-line test benches, the latest upgrade now makes the T22 suitable for tests in medical engineering, bearing test benches and material and haptic tests.

Providing a cost-effective solution, the T22 comes complete with integrated electronics, which require no additional amplifier to be specified and is maintenance free. In addition, users can also benefit considerably from minimal time and cost expenditure and integration effort.

Featuring a robust and compact design, the flexible T22 meets the market requirement and is the ideal choice for dynamic and static torque measurement on non-rotating as well as rotating components.

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