Tuesday 6 June 2017

Automation operations nervecentres extended in Europe & USA.

Two new ABB Ability™Collaborative Operations Centres near Miami, (FL USA) and Genoa (I), are extending the company’s network.

The centres function as the central nervous system for assets and systems fitted with ABB technology. Countless sensors transmit data on the health and performance of machines and essential systems to the centres, where sophisticated software performs advanced data analytics 24/7. The insights gained allow engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues, advise on preventive maintenance or suggest measures to improve performance. ABB experts and customers work in close collaboration, taking data-driven decisions in real time that increase operational performance and business profitability.

Further to the two new centres, ABB already operates Collaborative Operations Centers in Singapore; Billingstad, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; Västerås, Sweden; San Diego, California and Dalfsen in the Netherlands. The centers support customers for example in the marine and ports industry leveraging the “follow the sun” principle. ABB provides real-time support for operating vessels, with ABB software combining weather forecasts with vessel and load data to assist captains in plotting the ideal course.

“The opening of these two new centers demonstrates our leadership in bringing ‘big data’ benefits to our customers,” said Peter Terwiesch, President of ABB’s Industrial Automation division. “ABB today remotely monitors and provides real-time support to more than 700 ships. That number is set to increase to 3,000 by 2020.”

ABB Ability Collaborative Operations is a true Internet-of-Things application and part of the company’s ABB Ability portfolio of industry-leading digital solutions. Collaborative Operations delivers performance management, remote monitoring and predictive analysis technologies to ensure safety and security, and improve operational efficiency and productivity across industries including the cement, chemicals, manufacturing, marine, metals, mining, oil & gas, ports, pulp & paper, power generation and water industries.

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