Friday 9 June 2017

Indicator with process filtering.

The INT4-P is the latest version of Applied Measurement's  INT2-P featuring improved process filtering from your pressure transducer, level transmitter or depth sensor. The INT4-P is directly compatible with the INT2 series as it features the same front panel designs, dimensions and connections, for easy integration.

The INT4-P meter displays physical variables, such as weight, load, force and torque, providing you with a 24V regulated excitation supply, capable of providing up to 40mA of current to power a wide range of sensors and transducers. Improved accuracy is guaranteed with its 10 point user configurable lineariser, which is a standard feature on the INT4-P indicator.

The INT4-P is easy to configure with its new single layer menu for a simpler setup. The readout is provided by a 6-digit LED display (also configurable with 3, 4 or 5 digits if preferred) coupled with an ultra-high resolution 20-bit A/D converter and highly stable strain gauge bridge excitation source which provides superb resolution and stability in any application. The front panel has a 7 segment window for displaying the measurement allowing decimal point and minus sign characters to be included and has 4 alarm annunciators to show the status of each alarm relay.

Peak and valley memories allow you to view the maximum and minimum recorded measurements. Also, the meter can give alarm outputs, scaled and isolated analogue output and isolated serial data retransmission, when fitted with option boards.

A lockout switch on the rear of the meter saves your configuration settings in non-volatile memory, which has a 10 year guaranteed storage period. When the lockout switch is set to ON, your settings cannot be accidentally altered.

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