Tuesday 27 June 2017

Online resource for lamp and luminaire afficianados!

Cortet™ by CEL announces a new online resource for manufacturers, integrators, installers and reseller of lighting systems, luminaires, lamps and control/management systems for industrial and office facilities, warehouses, and other large facilities.

“Businesses and manufacturers looking to expand their product lines within the Smart Building Technology space face a fractured and disorganized cornucopia of suppliers – with many products that do not talk to each other,” says Erik Davidson, Cortet’s Director of Marketing and Product Management. “The newly launched resource provides an easy way to find a complete selection of Smart Building solutions and products from various manufacturers that can be managed and controlled by a single technology and are all certified to work together, taking the guesswork and experimentation out of the product/technology selection challenge.”

In addition to blogs, resource libraries, FAQs, support center, etc., the new site features special “Powered by Cortet” and “Cortet Certified Partner” sections. 

The “Powered By Cortet” partnership program enables lamp and luminaire OEMs to provide and market a full range of local and IoT-connected control systems, integrated solutions and lighting accessories to their clients and customers. The “Powered by Cortet” program will also enable them to expand their next generation product offerings into additional automated and smart systems such facility security, air conditioning and heating, building communications, and other emerging industrial IoT solutions.

Cortet by CEL has partnered with a range of various equipment OEMs and suppliers to create a one stop shop that provides lamp and luminaire manufacturers with a complete selection of products and technologies, all tested and certified to work together.

To become a Cortet Certified device, a device must undergo a rigorous testing and certification program in the Cortet Test & Integration lab. Cortet engineers work closely with Cortet Certified Partners to ensure that the hardware and software for every device is reliable in a large scale wireless system. Once a device is certified, customers of Cortet solutions can buy it for use in commercial deployments. This includes products such as Leviton light switches and sensors, ILLUMRA self-powered lighting control devices and Magnitude Lighting LED drivers. Details here.

According to Mr. Davidson, “We are rapidly expanding our network of partners and are looking for others to join us in this tech umbrella. Feel free to contact us if you are interesting in knowing more about our partnership program.”

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers industrial lighting companies an exciting and highly effective way to manage an entire building’s various systems. More information about Cortet Lighting Control solutions can be found here. All Cortet Partnership and Certified products will interoperate with this new building control management technology.

Companies developing wireless products can find IoT Hardware products here.

Finally, engineers, developers and managers interested in the latest trends and technical developments regarding IoT, lighting control, and smart building technology can learn a lot from their new blog

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