Friday 9 June 2017

Quality, risk and safety to be examined!

Ideagen is to hold a two-day event for its US customer base in Orlando, Florida, later this year. The ‘Ideagen Horizons’ seminar 2017 will take place in Orlando, 2-3 August 2017.

The event has been organised to cater for users of Ideagen’s Q-Pulse, Pentana and IPI suite of software – used by its clients for quality, safety, risk, audit and first article inspection management.

Ben Dorks
Ben Dorks, Ideagen’s Chief Customer Officer, provided an insight into this year’s Horizons seminar“I am delighted to invite our clients in North America to join us at the 2017 Ideagen Horizons seminar.
“This event will bring together customers from many varying industries to learn about – and witness first hand – what's new with Ideagen and our products.
“The seminar, which has been expanded this year to take place over two days, will give attendees the chance to hear from our internal experts face-to-face as well as allow them to share experiences and expertise.
“It promises to be yet another fantastic Horizons event.”

Items on the agenda – which can be downloaded from the Horizons Seminar event page – include analysis of product roadmaps, product master classes and an evening networking reception. Customer presentations and Q&A sessions will also be included.

Event highlights include a focus on risk, with key presentations on optimising risk management and looking at business exposure when it comes to digital risk.

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