Thursday 9 May 2013

Hot stuff from automation students!

An automatic curry sausage maker named the “CurryMax” has been developed by a group of trainees? The device ensures that sausages pass through every production stage correctly; they are fried, sliced, dressed with a portion of sauce and then exit the sausage maker ready to be eaten.
Waiting for the product!
Frying, slicing, sauce portioning. Working alongside students from Saarland University of Applied Sciences (HTW), a group of Siemens trainees in Saarbrücken (D) have developed the “CurryMax”.

Hot stuff!
Controlled by a Logo! logic module from the Siemens Industry Automation Division, every production step is correctly executed in turn: the sausage is initially heated by hot air blower. A slicing mechanism then cuts it into bite- sized pieces which drop onto a cardboard tray. This is then transported onwards on a small carriage and positioned under the sauce dispenser, where it is aligned precisely with the aid of photointerrupter. A solenoid valve is used to distribute the sauce at the correct temperature over the sausage.

Using these processes, the “Curry-Max” delivers a ready-to-eat meal once every seven minutes – which is actually of very reasonable quality according to the test eaters

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