Thursday 30 May 2013

25 years of leadership in handheld field communicator technology

The 475 Field Communicator Silver Edition represents deep industry expertise in device diagnostics and troubleshooting in the field 

Emerson Process Management has released the Silver Edition of its industry-leading 475 Field Communicator. This represents 25 years of industry expertise in handheld communicator technology. Through the years, the 475 Field Communicator has pioneered innovative applications for performing device diagnostics and troubleshooting in the field, including the combination of HART® and FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols on a single platform, a user interface based on human-centred design principles, and advanced valve diagnostics. 

The 475 Field Communicator Silver Edition provides the same dynamic experience that current users already expect. With the release of the version 3.8 software, the 475 Field Communicator now supports both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus digital valve controllers with its ValveLink™ Mobile application. With ValveLink Mobile, users can set up and calibrate valves and run diagnostics such as Stroke Valve, Step Response, and Valve Signature on the entire valve assembly – in the field.

Building on Emerson’s commitment to openness, the 475 Field Communicator is the de facto standard handheld interface for the instruments and valves in any application. The 475 Field Communicator enables configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting of more than 1500 HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. It remains the only intrinsically safe handheld communicator to support both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices from all suppliers – enabling technicians to use a single universal tool to simplify work and minimise equipment required for a trip to the field.

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