Wednesday 22 May 2013

Trade up your LIMS

Recognising the high purchase price and ongoing support costs of many competitive Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Autoscribe has devised a payment scheme that would significantly reduce capital budget costs. This is specifically designed for LIMS users who are looking to replace their existing system but may be finding it difficult to raise the required budget. The new scheme spreads the total cost of an Autoscribe Matrix Gemini LIMS over 5 years, including ongoing support.

Autoscribe Managing Director, John Boother, explained: “We have had discussions with a number of users who are unhappy with their current system and although they would find it difficult to obtain more capital funding, they are already paying significant ongoing maintenance costs.  Our new approach would effectively allow them to ‘trade up’ their current system to Matrix Gemini at a similar cost to their existing ongoing support agreement. Naturally the exact costs would depend on the number of licences required etc, however because the total package includes the Matrix Gemini support costs over the 5 year period, we have also effectively inflation-proofed the support!”

At the end of the 5 year period, the customer can revert to a standard support and maintenance contract which means that they will continue to benefit from Autoscribe’s unique ‘future proofing’ product support policy for its Matrix family of LIMS. Autoscribe’s Matrix product line has been developed to specifically ensure backwards compatibility and easy upgrades for existing customers, so customers with a support and maintenance contract are getting a ‘LIMS for life’ – there are no hidden additional costs for major upgrades. 

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