Thursday 9 May 2013

Recognition for use of Ethernet switches

Red Lion Control has been recognised by Automation Panorama magazine for the use of its N-Tron industrial Ethernet switches in helping the Yiba Highway Construction Headquarters deliver real-time monitoring and control for a series of highway tunnels in China. This endeavor was honored as one of the “Top Ten Most Influential Projects of 2012” at the China Automation Industry Annual Conference, held in Beijing earlier this month.

“We applaud Red Lion Controls for the innovative contributions it has made to advance the field of transportation infrastructure and sustainable development in China,” stated the China Automation Industry Annual Conference appraisal group. “As automation and networking technology continues to develop and evolve, it will greatly impact not only the industrial industry, but also the worldwide economy at large.”

The Yiba highway, which is located in the Hubei province, connects central and western China through a series of highway tunnels that are subject to volatile temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust and vibration. Facing such extreme environmental conditions, it was imperative that the Yiba Highway Construction Headquarters deploy a rugged industrial monitoring and control system to reliably interlink its headquarters with remote traffic monitoring locations throughout the tunnels.

Working with system integrators Beijing RHY Technology Development and Wuhan FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies, Red Lion provided rugged industrial Ethernet switches that efficiently utilize network-based technology to enable real-time monitoring and control of the Yiba highway tunnels. This allows the Yiba Highway Construction Headquarters to efficiently monitor traffic patterns, inform motorists of road conditions and re-route traffic to avoid accidents. Furthermore, with a long mean time between failures, the switches help the organization reduce maintenance costs while supporting extreme conditions.

“We feel very privileged to have received this prestigious award, as it recognizes the value of what we are doing on an international level and showcases the various benefits that our industrial Ethernet solutions can provide to our customers,” said Michael Wang, general manager of greater China for Red Lion Controls. “As our company continues to grow and expand our portfolio, we look forward to introducing additional high-quality new products in the coming months.”

• Red Lion are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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