Wednesday 15 May 2013

Three new families of ultrasonic sensors!

The robust yet accurate measuring method makes ultrasonic sensors ideal for a wide variety of applications. Simple parameterization - if the application requires it - coupled with measuring ranges extending from a few centimeters to 10 m turn ultrasonic sensors from problem solvers into sensors for every application.
Fig. 1: Positioning a PCB
Ultrasonic sensor in miniature housing
Handling machines usually have a very compact design. As a result, there is hardly any space available to install the sensors. The UB…F77 series, from Pepperl+Fuchs, is well equipped for these applications. The complete transmitter and receiver electronics, ultrasonic transducer, signal indicators, and connector are packed tightly in a sealed plastic enclosure with dimensions equivalent to approximately two cubes of sugar.

Fig. 2: Parameterizing an
ultrasonic sensor for
level measurement 
Simple parameterization of an ultrasonic sensor
The switching distance of sensors from the UC…30GM70 series can be adjusted extremely easily and intuitively via the potentiometer. The sensor can also be easily adapted to the application using a high-speed, bidirectional infrared interface. In the same way, multiple echoes with distance and reception amplitude can be displayed to allow optimum alignment of the sensor and suppression of interfering objects.

Fig. 3: Three detection ranges,
the UC…30GM-IO family
Ultrasonic sensors easily integrated in the control system
With the UC…30GM-IO series, it is possible to adapt the basic parameters without using external tools. The switching distance can be adjusted at the press of a button. The projection cone as well as the function of the switching output can be adapted in further steps. The IO-Link interface and the PACTware parameterization software together enable optimum adaptation of the sensor to the application. IO-Link also provides an easy way of integrating the sensor into a control system. An object's distance from the sensor can then be immediately called up in the control system.

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