Wednesday 15 May 2013

Imaging and vision handbook updated

Improved technical overviews, easier to use selection guides and over 30% more content are the highlights of the new edition of Stemmer Imaging’s highly regarded handbook on imaging and machine vision. Now containing around 450 pages, the handbook covers numerous basic topics from all areas of imaging and machine vision, making it an indispensable reference guide for all users of this technology.

The fifth edition of this handbook addresses a host of practical imaging and machine vision questions. These include: Which applications are best for intelligent cameras? When are PC systems more suitable? What effect do lighting angles and colours have on the test results? How do I select the perfect lenses for my system? Which camera technology and which model is best suited to my application? FireWire, USB, CameraLink, CoaXPress or GigE Vision - which interface offers my system the most advantages? Which software can handle my problem reliably with a minimum of effort?

The technical overviews provide detailed explanations of the different basic technologies related to illumination, lenses, cameras, image acquisition, software, cabling and systems as well as the functionality of important accessories. Each of these overviews is supplemented by a comprehensive product section containing all the technical data needed to select the best components for a given application. In addition, experienced experts at STEMMER IMAGING are available to help with any further questions.

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