Friday 31 May 2013

Product family grows to more

Extended I/O and FPGA access make PXI an option in advanced automated test and high-performance embedded systems that used to rely on custom solutions 

National Instruments has expanded the NI FlexRIO product family, built on FPGA-based reconfigurable I/O (RIO), to more than 20 modules. Six new adapter modules add I/O including digitiser, signal generation and IF and RF transceiver capabilities. Engineers can pair these NI FlexRIO adapter modules with user-programmable FPGAs to solve almost any test application, from real-time spectrum monitoring and RF modulation/demodulation to signal intelligence and RF communication protocol prototyping.

Because these modules benefit from the parallelism and dataflow programming of the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, they can be easily targeted by engineers without VHDL or Verilog knowledge. The combination of NI FlexRIO, LabVIEW system design software and access to more than 600 NI PXI modular instruments gives engineers a commercial off-the-shelf solution that can be customised using FPGA technology.

“Our recent investments in user-programmable FPGA instrumentation, as illustrated not only through these new NI FlexRIO adapter modules but also with the NI PXIe-5645R vector signal transceiver, help demonstrate our empowering vision for redefining instrumentation,” said Charles Schroeder, Director of Test Systems at NI. “The NI FlexRIO platform, through the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, enables customers to create some of the most powerful test, research and embedded systems.”

 Product Features
NI FlexRIO Adapter Module
Ideal Applications
NI 5771 – 8-bit, 3 GS/s digitiser
Pulsing, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), high-resolution edge detection
NI 5772 – 12-bit, 1.6 GS/s digitiser adapter module
Broadband IF acquisition, real-time spectrum monitoring
NI 5782 – IF transceiver
Custom modulation and demodulation, bit error rate testing, signal intelligence (SIGINT), real-time spectrum analysis 

NI 5791 – RF transceiver
AT-1120 – 14-bit, 2 GS/s signal generator
RF communications protocol prototyping, RF record and playback, SIGINT, channel emulation

AT-1212 – 2-channel signal generator

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