Friday 10 May 2013

Wireless software development kit!

Nivis recently released an ISA100 Wireless Application Layer Software Development Kit (SDK). Nivis also announced availability of the ISA100.11a communication stack and related code on an open source basis. The SDK and open source ISA100.11a code will improve supplier’s ROI for ISA100 Wireless products by reducing development time and per-unit costs.

The ISA100 Wireless Application Layer Software Development Kit (VersaApp SDK) is a complete kit that includes a full API in both source code and binary. The kit speeds development of the ISA100 Wireless application software to link a standards compliance wireless radio node to a physical sensor or control device – reducing development time from months to weeks.

In addition, Nivis will now open source its ISA100 Wireless software platform. The new Nivis open source model will provide process automation suppliers, universities, systems integrators, OEMs, end users, enthusiasts and startups alike an easy entry point to build an ISA100 Wireless product. The open source offering will include the following software components for ISA100 Wireless: Field Device, Backbone Router, Gateway, System Manager and Security Manager. Nivis will make the core software freely available, and also continues to offer a complete suite of support services and hardware.

“Supplier interest in offering an ISA100 Wireless product portfolio has been growing markedly and the Nivis announcements have made it easier for suppliers to accelerate their product plans. In addition to the growth that wireless can provide to their business, suppliers have recognized the multitude of interoperable, ISA100 compliant products being offered from a diverse set of suppliers. The Nivis technology provides the tools they need to advance quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute.

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