Thursday 9 May 2013

Fieldbus device couplers simplify upgrade at chemical plant

MooreHawke has released a new case study highlighting the use of its next-generation TRUNKGUARD Series 200 (TG200) fieldbus device couplers at a chemical plant operated by Ashland Inc. in Ohio (USA). Now available for download at the Moore Industries website, the case study shows how the use of the TG200s helped Ashland Inc. simplify the upgrade process and take full advantage of the benefits offered by FOUNDATION™ fieldbus.
In October 2012, Ashland embarked on an upgrade of the FOUNDATION fieldbus system at their world-class 1,4-butanediol (BDO) plant, which produces an intermediate ingredient in common industrial and commercial products. The upgrade replaced a system of quick-disconnect connectors and disconnect switches that were inefficient and had become corroded over time.

Selecting TG200s had several benefits for Ashland. The fourth-generation device couplers have unique capabilities to solve the most common issues of segment termination and short circuit protection. Its end-of-line-sensing auto termination feature allows local devices on a segment to continue even if remote couplers are accidentally disconnected, preventing downtime and potential hazards. The innovative short circuit protection in the TG200s detects a short in less than five microseconds and allows users to place more devices on fieldbus segments thanks to a decreased trickle current draw of 4 to 5mA during a short circuit.

The TG200s have also aided Ashland using test equipment with their FOUNDATION fieldbus system. Along with having standard handheld hookup terminals, the TG200s low trickle current under short circuits allows users to rest assured that enough power overhead will be available on the segment when the handheld device is connected, even if a short has occurred.

By making the TG200s a critical part of their FOUNDATION fieldbus upgrade, Ashland has improved its overall operation reliability and readiness and can now take full advantage of the benefits of a fieldbus network with greater system design flexibility. The new case study on this installation highlights how the next-generation TG200s can provide similar benefits for any FOUNDATION fieldbus application.

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