Wednesday 29 May 2013

Package aids pain therapeutics process plant

Software product ensures transparent management of starting materials in pharmaceuticals development at Grünenthal (D).

Grünenthal bundles all research
and development activities at 

its campus in Aachen (D).
The research-based international pharmaceutical company Grünenthal will deploy the PAS-X process development package. The group is leading in the field of pain therapies and invests more than a quarter of its revenues in research and development. Operating Werum's PAS-X process development, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can simplify and accelerate the modeling of manufacturing processes for pre-clinical and clinical studies. Grünenthal will initially install the package for substance tracking of clinical batches at its plant in Aachen, Germany.

"With PAS-X process development we are capable of tracking the use and consumption of all raw materials in pharmaceutical development," says Dr. Martin Lueck, Vice President Head of Pharmaceutical Development & Drug Delivery at Grünenthal. "This enables us to further increase the efficiency of our development activities."

In addition to PAS-X process development, Grünenthal will also deploy the PAS-X business functions master batch records, warehouse management and weighing & dispensing.

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