Thursday 16 May 2013

New head for European Operations

AdLink Technology has announced new leadership for its global business unit with the addition of Dirk Finstel as Executive Vice President of MCPS and CEO of AdLink's European headquarters, Lippert AdLink Technology GmbH in Mannheim (D). He brings over 22 years of experience in embedded computing, with a strong background in computer-on-module technologies and application-ready platforms. The appointment of Dirk Finstel is a major milestone for AdLink to aim for the top ranks in the embedded computing market.

"Dirk´s track record in this industry is amazing and he has been successful for more than two decades”, said Jim Liu, CEO of AdLink Technology. "His experience in running global units in engineering and product management and his focus on customers will be a significant contribution to our business here at AdLink."

Dirk will manage and supervise the operations of Lippert AdLink Technology GmbH and the Global Module Computing Product Segment. He has been a major driving force creating industry standards including COM Express and SMARC. Dirk obtained his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering & Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Before joining AdLink, he served as the Chief Technology Officer of Kontron AG, and previously held a variety of executive level positions within Kontron, including: CEO Sales & Marketing, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Global Research & Engineering. Dirk has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in the embedded computer technology field.

According to numbers released by VDC Research, AdLink Technology achieved the second highest PC/104 market share with its acquisition of German company LiPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH earlier this year, which followed AdLink's major push into the modular computing segment with the acquisition of Ampro Computers, Inc., in 2008.

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