Wednesday 27 July 2011

Portable hygrometer for natural gas!

Portable hygrometer for field measurements at pipeline pressure in the natural gas industry

Michell Instruments have introduced an intrinsically safe version of their portable hygrometer – the MDM300 I.S – which is designed specifically for applications in natural gas processing. It is also capable of measurement at high pressures up to 350 bar, giving readings which are representative of actual process conditions. Certified to ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA and GOST, the high-speed portable instrument provides fast spot-checks of moisture in processes.

Unlike other dew-point hygrometers, the MDM300 makes fast measurements consecutively in any direction, without a waiting time in between, allowing for many more measurements to be taken each day. In contrast traditional portable meters which respond quickly to moisture changes from dry to wet only the first time before entering a lengthy and unproductive regeneration phase before next measurement can be taken. The QRA-enhanced MDM300 I.S has a fast response time – less than 30 minutes to -60°C dew point.

It has a tough, durable design to survive in harsh industrial conditions, but equally important, the MDM300 I.S can be held and operated easily with one or two hands. The intuitive menu system and large, easy-to-press buttons enable the user to easily configure the instrument to display the parameters they require even with gloved hands.

Having reliable readings of the moisture content in natural gas is vital to protect pipelines, valves, instrumentation and other equipment from damage. Excess moisture in natural gas can cause a range of problems in the process – from corrosion in the pipeline to the formation of methane hydrates. The latter form crystalline solids that reduce flow, cause blockages and break-away fragments that may damage equipment downstream. The result is huge expense from possible ‘shut-outs’ and pipeline damage.

The real portability of the MDM300 I.S allows for spot checks of moisture to be made at any point in the process – which means that points of moisture ingress can be identified quickly and easily before the damage is caused.

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