Friday 22 July 2011

Examining the automation market

ARC Advisory Group is once again a partner for ISA Automation Week (#ISAutoWk). This annual event brings together end users, manufacturers, industry organizations, and the press for three days of informative automation technology and problem-solving presentations along with exhibits by key technology providers.

ARC is hosting a mini-forum at Automation Week 2011, ARC Inside:  Automation Market Outlook and Business Performance Strategies for 2012 and Beyond, where ARC Analysts will share results of timely market research and provide useful recommendations to help companies prosper in highly competitive global markets.  Presentations include:

Building on the success of their previous collaboration, ARC complements ISA’s excellent practical programs by providing a strategic perspective for managers and practitioners of process automation.  The combined programs will provide the broad insight necessary for the workforce to navigate the increasing challenges ahead.  Understanding the future landscape will help organizations focus on the appropriate automation strategies and investments during an uncertain economic landscape.

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