Wednesday 27 July 2011

Avoiding pipe fractures

Monitoring to avoid pipe fractures from oscillations
Oscillations in pipework that could lead to fatigue fractures and subsequent serious plant problems can be monitored by LVDTs to check for early indications of excessive movement.

On large sites, such as in the processing and petrochemical industries, or in power stations, the motion of structures can set up oscillations in the pipework around various parts of the plant. Pipework oscillations are undesirable because they can cause fatiguing in the pipework and additional stressing on other components in the plant that can lead to fracturing. These pipes may be carrying hot and dangerous liquids or chemicals. Very often oscillations are as a result of the feed through rate, or the process rate in the plant where a certain loading or flow rate through the plant may create a situation which causes a particular section of pipework to begin to oscillate.

RDP Electronics' LVDTs are designed and manufactured, for accuracy and reliability and have been used extensively to monitor movement in pipework. LVDTs are also available in versions well suited to locations where the pipes are hot and even for use in situations where pipes are carrying corrosive or radioactive substances.

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