Monday 18 July 2011

Innovative wireless marine polution control application

Rosemount® Analytical solutions help marine waste disposal specialist maintain commitment to environmentally friendly operation, while supporting plans for facility expansion

Emerson's versitile THUM
Emerson Process Management is installing an innovative wireless continuous emission monitoring (CEM) system at Singaport Cleanseas Pte Ltd, a large marine pollution reception facility for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste, located in Pulau Sebarok, Singapore. Through a unique combination of analytical equipment, Emerson will deliver a cutting-edge solution for emissions compliance.

As an eco-friendly marine waste disposal specialist committed to environmental protection and resource recovery, Singaport Cleanseas needs a flexible solution that will enable them to meet all environmental standards for emission and effluent discharge – both today, and as their facilities expand in the future.

To meet the specific requirements of Singaport Cleanseas, Emerson will provide a standard Rosemount® Analytical CEM system that includes an innovative implementation of three Model 1056 wireless-enabled analysers featuring the Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter. This unique configuration allows the non-wireless analysers to function as a wireless system.

According to Bernard Chew, Managing Director at Singaport Cleanseas, “Singaport Cleanseas faces a complex and significant challenge. The National Environment Agency in Singapore requires that the emission data from our incinerator be reported every day, so we need a continuous monitoring solution now, but we want a system that will also allow for expansion as our future growth requires. To install a wired CEM system now and potentially move it later would be an inefficient and wasteful use of our budget, especially on an island like Singapore where trenching costs are very high. Emerson experts will solve the problem with this ingenious wireless configuration.”

In the integrated system, the popular Model 1056 analysers, most frequently associated with pH and conductivity measurements, will be used to convert the analogue signals of the other system components into HART® digital signals for use in the wireless communications. The primary variables from these CEM analysers will be transmitted to the customer’s control room via Smart Wireless THUM Adapters installed on each Model 1056 analyser. The Smart Wireless THUM Adapter enables HART measurements to be integrated into a reliable wireless system.

The X-STREAM™ process gas analyser employs IntrinzX™ photometric technology with intrinsic linearity to deliver high sensitivity, large dynamic ranges and long-term span stability with extended calibration intervals. Performing daily zero and span checks as well as calibration automatically, the system will meet all requirements for daily validations with minimum personnel.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless technology takes advantage of the IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®) international standard for industrial wireless communications. In its self-organising mesh network topology, every device in the network can also pass information for its neighbouring devices, so if something disrupts communications between two devices, the network automatically provides an alternative path. Changes in the plant’s configuration no longer interfere with transmission paths. As a result of this highly flexible system, Singaport Cleanseas will be able to add additional wireless devices to the new plant as expansion and application requirements demand without additional configuration or engineering.

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