Wednesday 27 July 2011

Mission critical wireless comms!

Partnership  to enhance connectivity for mission critical wireless solutions

MatrikonOPC™ has announced that CalAmp Corp. is the newest member to join its Global Partner Network. CalAmp will integrate MatrikonOPC’s full range of OPC servers into its mission critical wireless solutions.  CalAmp provides fixed and mobile connectivity for mission critical communications using licensed, spread spectrum and cellular technology from narrowband to broadband speeds. With MatrikonOPC’s secure and reliable OPC servers, the CalAmp product will effectively expand its secure connectivity to large SCADA networks.

CalAmp specialises in ruggedized wireless solutions from narrowband to broadband, using licensed, spread spectrum and cellular technology to support fixed and mobile connectivity for mission critical communications. They also offer world-class pre and post sales support to make planning, implementation, and maintenance of your wireless network easier with long-lasting results. At CalAmp, our mission is your success.
CalAmp solutions make distributed architecture designs possible, which allow extensive network flexibility with pass-through control, instantaneous reads, visual network status in the HMI, driver-level analysis of protocol data, and monitoring from anywhere in the network.  CalAmp makes efficient use of bandwidth and proactive system maintenance possible. By standardising on MatrikonOPC for its OPC data connectivity solutions, CalAmp will be able to provide its customers with world-class connectivity and support.

"SCADA solutions face many challenges, such as accessing remote devices, unreliable connections, managing those devices, and ensuring the integrity of the remote data. By choosing MatrikonOPC technology, CalAmp enhances its secure networking solutions to best serve its customers’ needs,” said Drew Brydon, vendor partner program manager-MatrikonOPC.

“We realize improving security and efficiency of data collection are critical for the Smart Grid vision,”
said Rick Nozel, senior vice president of sales and marketing for CalAmp's wireless networks business. “By leveraging MatrikonOPC’s secure and reliable solutions, we are able to provide the tools that power and utility companies need to easily manage all of the devices in their system, and to push network intelligence to the edge."

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