Friday 29 July 2011

Collagen in meat!

At-line measurement of collagen in meat

An extended range version of the InfraLab e-Series Multi-component At-Line Meat Analyser from NDC Infrared Engineering has been developed to include the measurement of collagen, as well as fat, moisture and protein. The extended range InfraLab provides a good indication of collagen levels over a 1-8% concentration range.

Measuring the amount of collagen or collagenous material present in meat is important in meeting local quality and legislative requirements. Collagen has traditionally been measured in meat samples using laboratory methods, which means that the sample has to be sent away for analysis, which slows the production process.

The InfraLab uses non-contacting multi-wavelength NIR technology for measurements of fat, moisture and protein. The new collagen measurement capability features a robust algorithm which quantifies the spectrum shifts in the NIR spectrum associated with changes in collagen content. Measurements can be made in just 10 seconds, and the analyzer can be located right next to the production line for fast turn-around of results, eliminating the delays associated with laboratory analysis.

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