Monday 11 July 2011

New com port software for RS232, Modbus and RS485 devices

Windmill Software have a new version of the ComDebug data logging and com port trouble-shooting software.  What's more, it is free to every subscriber to their Monitor newsletter.  The new version
works with Windmill 7 64-bit, as well as other versions of Windows; lets users enter and record data in Hexadecimal, ASCII or binary format and logs data from serial instruments - PIC microcontrollers, RFID readers, plcs, data loggers and so on.

The software collects data from devices connected to the PC's com port over RS232, RS422, RS485 and Modbus. A terminal emulator lets users trouble-shoot serial port connections. Even though there is no charge for the software, Windmill Software provide free technical support for it for life.

When monitoring com port communications, users can see all bytes sent and received, including non-printing characters like carriage returns. This is crucial when dealing with binary data.

With ComDebug uses can quickly identify and correct communication errors. The software can send and receive unsigned integers, single bits, floating points, 16-bit 2s complement integers and other types of data. It can control the state of the PC's serial port output lines - setting them high or low - and show users the state of the port input lines

ComDebug runs under all versions of Windows, from Windows 7 64-bit down to Windows 95.

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