Tuesday 26 July 2011

PID control design

A training course on "Introduction to PID Control Design" on 23rd - 24th August 2011 is scheduled for Scotland's second city, Glasgow.

This 2-days course, organised by Industrial Systems & Control (ISC),  is aimed at engineers, new graduates and those interested in understanding a PID control design. The course starts with basic knowledge of control design in terms of understanding a linear system through computer-aids analysis to sophisticated approach in terms of designing of an effective PID controller for the system.

This course provides an insight to PID controller such as its limitation and also presents various methods that can overcome such implementation issues. An alternative frequency control design, namely Lead-lag compensator is illustrated and its performance is compared against PID controller. Generally, this course provides an overview of PID control techniques and gives general guidelines for analysis and tuning of a PID controller.

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