Thursday 21 July 2011

New ATEX-certified junction boxes

Marechal  Electric has introduced a new range of ATEX-certified, IP66-sealed junction boxes which combine safe electrical connections in harsh, wet and hazardous environments, with the flexibility to specify a mix of Exe terminals with currents ranging from 4A to 350A and cable sizes ranging from 1.5mm2 to 240mm2. The largest of the ten standard box sizes can accept up to 402 individual Exe terminals rated at 4A with 1.5mm² cables, or five 350A Exe terminals with 240mm² cables. The boxes are rated for voltages up to 750V and operate over a temperature range of -55 to +60 degrees Centigrade.

The new MXBJ range of junction boxes is certified to IECEx LCI 11.0026 and ATEX N° LCIE 11 ATEX 3028, for use in ATEX gas zones 1 & 2, and dust zones 21 & 22. Sealing to IP66 ensures that the junction boxes are water-tight and dust-tight whilst their high resistance to shock is rated to IEC and EN 62 262, level IK09.

The junction box casings are manufactured in polyester resin, reinforced with fibre-glass and graphite, and secured with stainless steel screws. Cable glands, in sizes ranging from M12 to M63, are available in a choice of polyamide, for unarmoured cable, or nickel-plated brass for armoured or unarmoured cable.

The robust construction allows the junction boxes to be used in wet or corrosive environments such as the food, drink and chemical industries, as well as in hazardous, ATEX applications such as oil refineries, gas terminals and silos.

Christophe Janin, Sales Director explains; “The new junction boxes extend MARECHAL’s range of ATEX-certified decontactor plugs, sockets and spring-assisted terminals, allowing customers to increase the flexibility and safety of their electrical supply as well as helping them to reduce maintenance costs.”

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