Monday 18 July 2011

Enhanced SCADA!

Black Diamond 1.5  from Viklele Associates is a significantly enhanced version of our state of the art process automation and visualization SCADA. This version adds a dockable integrated development environment for building professional and intuitive HMIs for process automation and control. All the built-in features like report designer, manual entry screen designer, task reminder service, expression evaluator etc., have been enhanced to give you more control and improved functionality.

Nidhi Purnapatre, product manager for Black Diamond SCADA said, “We have incorporate all significant feature suggestions from our customer, I wish to thank them for making Black Diamond a better product”.

She added, “I am particularly pleased about the enhancements in the report designer and symbol library. Also, enhancements in the expression evaluation have made capturing consumption data like hourly power consumption, or hourly fluid flow through a flow meter very easy. These are every day needs of a process engineer, and Black Diamond will allow gathering this information without having to write any code.”

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