Friday 1 July 2011

Affordable non-contact torque transducer avoids need for slip-rings

For applications where measurements are to be taken from a rotating shaft without resorting to the use of slip rings, then the new Model 1700 Series transducers from RDP Electronics provide a cost effective solution.

The Model 1700 is a comparatively low cost, non-contact, amplified, torque transducer that uses a combination of optical and inductive technologies to take data off or on a rotating shaft. Although slip rings are today more reliable than in the past, the Model 1700 is also ideal for applications where slip rings are not appropriate.

The output is proportional to the torque applied to the shafts of the transducer either whilst the shaft is static or rotating. The compact Model 1700 can have speed or angle sensing and has integral signal conditioning and amplification electronics with a ±10V dc output that can optionally be connected to a digital display indicator. A range of models is available up to 10,000 rpm in speed sensing versions and 3,000 rpm for the angle sensing option.

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